Tim Minehardt

I am director of District One of the Sac Osage Electric Board of Directors. I am employed with 3M Company in Nevada, MO. My family has lived in this area for many generations. I enjoy spending time with my best friend, who also happens to be my wife, Stacy, and our four sons. 4-H projects, hunting and fishing are at the top of our list of hobbies and things to do.

Faith is a cornerstone in our lives. We are proud members of Speedwell Southern Baptist Church. During my second term as a board member, I have learned a great deal about the operation of the Cooperative. I became a certified Credential Cooperative Director in 2009. I appreciate the confidence that has been placed in me and your comments and concerns are important to me. I will continue to be a good steward of the members’ dollars, while also keeping in mind that when the lights are off, no one is happy. We must always strive to provide the best quality service at the lowest possible cost.