Be a Part of the Cooperative's 2024 Calendar

Each year Sac Osage Electric gives free calendars to members from our cooperative headquarters. This year members have the opportunity to submit their own pictures to be a part of the calendar. Winning members will receive a $25 credit on their electric bill. Fill out the form below to submit a picture. Requirements are:

  • Photo must be taken by the member of Sac Osage Electric Cooperative submitting the entry.
  • Photo must be taken within the cooperative territory.
  • Photos should be in a landscape (wider than it is long) to fit the calendar.
  • By submitting the photo through the website, the member is giving permission to Sac Osage to use the photo in the calendar and other promotional material.

Members can submit multiple entries, but a new form must be filled out with each one. Sac Osage encourages members to take photos in all seasons as this will increase the chances of being included in the calendar.


Calendar Contest Submission Form

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