Is Budget Billing for you?

Tired of trying to guess what your electric bill is going to be month to month? Wish you could have one steady amount to budget for electricity? Now you can. Sac Osage Electric Cooperative announces our new budget billing program.

Who’s it for?

Members who have 12 months of payment history at the same location with out any delinquent payments and no returned checks qualify for this program.

How does it work?

Sac Osage will determine your Budget Bill by averaging the kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage of the previous 12 months. May 1st will be the catch-up date. At that time if you have used more kWh’s than were budgeted, you will pay the difference on the next month’s bill. If you used less than were budgeted, you will see a credit on your next month’s bill. On May 1st your Budget Bill will be recalculated to reflect the latest 12 months.

Could I see an example?

If your usage for the past 12 months looked like this:

Month June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Charge $133 $169 $163 $153 $117 $119 $95 $128 $115 $110 $113 $140

Then your budget bill would be $130.00 (plus the taxes for your area).

What if I have a yard light installed or some other service done?

Those charges will appear on the next month’s bill and will need to be paid at that time. Budget billing only applies to your monthly electric usage.

How long will I be on Budget Billing?

As long as you make your full budgeted payment by the 25th of each month and any extra payment required for the catch-up month, you can continue Budget Billing. You can decide to go back to regular bills by notifying the cooperative in writing. That month will then be the catchup month.

Will my budget Bill be adjusted if I do something like add a new level to my home?

Sac Osage may adjust the amount of your Budget Bill anytime during the billing period if usage varies significantly from the previous year in order to protect you from too large a catch-up amount.

How do I get started?

Print this form and send it in with your next monthly payment.