At Sac Osage Electric Cooperative, we are always looking to provide services that make things easier and more convenient for our members. The Auto Pay program does just that, and is offered at no additional cost to you. With Auto Pay, your payments are sent to us directly from your bank or credit card. You’ll save time, postage costs and the hassle connected with the traditional way of paying bills.

How It Works

The withdraw is done on or very near the 20th of each month. Here’s how it works; each month you’ll receive a copy of your bill approximately 15 days before the amount will be automatically deducted or charged to your account. This way, you’ll have time to review your bill and discuss any questions you may have with us.

Sign Up Now

The easiest way to sign up for Auto-Pay is through SmartHub. Inside SmartHub Auto Pay options are available under the "Billings and Payments" tab. Look for the "Auto Pay Options" from the menu on the left. There you can manage payment methods as well.

To sign up without a SmartHub account, you can click here and print the Auto-Pay form. Fill it out, sign it and send it in. It will be the last stamp you have to spend on your electric bill.