Since 2007 Sac Osage Electric Cooperative members have been able to participate in the Operation Round-Up program.

Operation Round-Up symbolWhat is it?

Members’ bills are rounded up to the next whole dollar amount. The extra change is put into a fund that is given to local charities.

How Much Would I Give?

The maximum possible donation would be $11.88 a year. But the average member will give around $5.88 over a twelve month period.

Where Does the Money Go?

In 2023 Operation Round-Up awarded $300 cash donations to the following organizations:

  • El Dorado Springs Christmas Basket Fund
  • Christmas Fund, Stockton
  • Christmas Fund, Community Outreach, Nevada
  • St. Clair County Senior Center, Osceola

How Can I Be a Part of Operation Round-Up?

Fill out this form, and mail it back with your next bill.

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