Ken Hacker

I am a lifelong resident of El Dorado Springs and my wife Alice and I have been a member of Sac Osage Electric Cooperative nearly 40 years. We have two daughters Sonia Hacker and Alexa Heiserman. We attend the Church of God (Holiness) in El Dorado Springs where we actively participate in church events. We owned and operated Hacker’s Jewelers in El Dorado Springs and Nevada for 39 years along with a variety of other businesses. Civically, I have served on the boards of POPS Museum, El Dorado Springs and Nevada Chambers of Commerce, Hoffman Financial, and Missouri Jewelers Association. I have served as President of El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and State President of Missouri Jewelers Association.

I grew up in a rural cooperative home where my father was manager of Sac Osage Electric and later retired from Osage Valley Electric of Butler, Missouri. Through this experience I have witnessed the many changes of the operations of rural electric cooperatives, from doing almost everything manually to today’s advances in technology and renewable energy. Since, I have recently retired from the jewelry business, I can now devote my time and offer my years of business experience to represent the consumers by serving on the Sac Osage Electric Cooperative board.