SmartHub Issue with April usage

Our billing and usage application, SmartHub, is currently showing an incorrect usage total for the month of April.  

Hourly and daily usage amounts are correct. The new bills calculated correctly and the amount owed is correct. If you click on "View Bill" under BILLING HISTORY you will see your April bill has the correct usage.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

2019 Rate Design Change

One of the missions of Sac Osage Electric is to provide service to our members at a price where everyone pays their fair share. The traditional “load curve” that models a typical residential electrical usage pattern is or will be impacted by distributed generation, plug-in electric vehicles, on-demand water heaters, and other lifestyle changes to a point where the current two-part rate is becoming less effective at providing revenue at a cost that’s equitable to all of our members.