Energy Audits and Weatherization Incentives

Sac Osage in partnership with Associated Electric Cooperative offers a thorough certified energy audit by contracting with West Central Community Action Agency. These energy audits cost Sac Osage members only $150.00 with Associated electric picking up the remainder of the cost. To take advantage of this program the member needs to fill out this form and fax it to West Central Community Action Agency to schedule an audit. This audit carries an incentive of up to $500.00. An incentive of up to 50% of the cost capped at $500.00 will be paid for the corrective actions taken. Corrective measures include such items as labor and materials for insulation, building shell sealing, and interior duct sealing/insulation. Repair costs for HVAC equipment are not eligible for a rebate.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. Must be a member of Sac Osage Electric Cooperative
  2. Audits are available for new or existing homes(On new homes, it is recommended that the audit take place after the home is sealed and before sheet rock and insulation have been installed)
  3. A separate audit form must be completed for each installation site
  4. Multiple occupancy (apartments, duplexes, dormitories) buildings are eligible for a weatherization rebate on a single structure basis, (not single unit basis).