Disconnect and Deposit Policy

Members’ payments for electric service are due and payable upon receipt of the bill. Any account for electric service not paid on or before the 25th day of the month following the due date is declared delinquent. After the 25th day of the month following the due date of the bill, any account with a balance of $15.00 or more on the previous month’s bill will be assessed a 10% penalty on the unpaid balance. After the 25th day of the month following the due date of the bill, any account with a balance due representing more than one-half of the previous month’s bill and any account with a balance due of $50.00 or more is declared delinquent. If payment is not received on or before the 5th of the following month, the delinquent account is subject to be disconnected.
Information about the due date, delinquent date, penalty, and date service may be disconnected if payment is not received is included on all electric bills. Prior to the date of disconnection, the Cooperative will make an effort to contact by telephone a member whose account is delinquent and subject to be disconnected.


If an account is subject to be disconnected due to non-payment, the member, if eligible, may sign a payment agreement. In addition to the payment agreement, the member must pay at least 25% of the past-due amount.
Failure to fulfill terms of a payment agreement will result in termination of electric service.
A member who fails to keep the terms of a payment agreement will not be eligible for further agreements.


  1. Applicants desiring electric service may be required to pay a Customer Deposit. However, the Customer Deposit will be waived under the following circumstances:
    1. An online credit check indicates the applicant’s credit history is good.
    2. The applicant chooses to participate in the Prepaid Program, in accordance with the general provisions shown on the Prepaid Service Agreement, including the following specific provisions:
      1. If no outstanding balances are present when enrolling in the Prepaid Program and all other fees have been paid, a $10.00 prepayment is the least amount required to commence service.
      2. As a result of participation in the Prepaid Program, the member will not be mailed a monthly statement for electric usage or other applicable fees or charges.
      3. Service will be subject to disconnection without written notice once the balance of the account reaches $0.00.
      4. On an existing account that has been disconnected for nonpayment, 50% of all payments made on the account shall be applied toward any outstanding balance on the account until all unpaid balances are paid in full, with a minimum initial payment of $100.00 being required.
  2. If a Customer Deposit is required and the service location has received electric service in the past, then the amount of deposit at that location will be:
    1. Two times the highest electric bill in the past twelve months, rounded up to the next whole dollar. If a complete billing history is not available for the last 12 months, the deposit will be two times the highest electric bill in the last 24-months, rounded up to the next whole dollar.
    2. The minimum deposit required will be $250.00. If the Applicant requests electric service at more than one location and cannot provide acceptable credit history, a Customer Deposit will be required for each location based upon the above requirements.
  3. The Customer Deposit will be refunded or credited to the member’s electric bill account upon establishment of twelve months of acceptable payment history. To establish an acceptable payment history a consumer can have no more than two delinquent payments for electric service and no returned checks in a 12-month period.
  4. Upon termination of service, any retained deposit will be applied against the unpaid bills of the consumer and if any balance remains after the deposit is applied, then the balance shall be refunded to consumer.